Water map of Netherlands

19 October 2017

...Why are you here?

So, I’m in week 4 of doing something a bit… different. For what to others seem like no apparent reason, I’ve decided to move to a quiet town in the Netherlands. Now the one thing I’ve found with the Dutch people, is there’s no beating around the bush! I’ve been meeting a lot of interesting people, but one question remains on the tip of their toungue at all times…  Read more

Empty Wallet

15 March 2017

Static Websites for Free

Are you the type of person who thinks that the only way to get something done properly is to do it yourself? Are you willing to roll your sleeves up and get building from scratch? With the advent of a large variety of online hosting services, using the correct combination of them can let you host a static website for absolutely nothing.  Read more


28 September 2016

Decentralising Files

With school over and a gap year ahead of me, I started to get a little bored. Working at a retail store isn’t fun, but messing around with the next generation of web technologies certainly is! A while ago, like the nerd I am, I started dreaming of ways that would make internet a little bit faster.  Read more

Update Archive

6 June 2016

Ubuntu Updates: Offline

With the internet becoming so ubiquitous in this day and age, it’s hard to think of a time where you wouldn’t just be able to connect up to the internet and pull the updates directly from the provider. It’s a very real issue for me though.  Read more

My Nexus 5

21 April 2016

Phone Woes

I’m probably not the first to comment on the sealed nature of technology these days, and I definitely won’t be the last, but it’s a trend that seems to have nothing good coming out of it.  Read more

Snippet of CSS

23 March 2016

Look! A new website

Time to get out of the free, but restricting grasp of Tumblr. It’s a great service - don’t get me wrong, but the style of blogging makes it feel more like your average social network with a few more advanced features bolted on. The solution? Make your own!  Read more

Cyber Centurion logo

4 November 2015

Cyber Centurion 2015

Doing something on the side is something every student should get into – Cyber Centurion is just one of these activities. It has nothing to do with the curriculum, and won’t help much towards your next exam, but it’s great fun that will look brilliant on the C.V. one day.  Read more