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Hi, I am Eelviny.

My name's Elvin Luff, but I go by the username Eelviny. I'm an Englishman lost in the Netherlands, with a passion for all things travel and technology. Welcome to my space.

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Hello. My name is Elvin Luff, and you've reached my website. I'm a half English, half Dutch self-employee working out of my studio in Holland. While I've only been around since 1997, I've had the opportunity to do a variety of amazing things that have provided valuable experience. Already I've experienced working alongside charities, running businesses and travelling across the world, and I can't wait to get my hands on the next thing that comes my way.

Currently I'm hitting the ground running after moving to the Netherlands, setting up my new studio and working on my Dutch!

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19 October 2017

...Why are you here?

So, I’m in week 4 of doing something a bit… different. For what to others seem like no apparent reason, I’ve decided to move to a quiet town in the Netherlands. Now the one thing I’ve found with the Dutch people, is there’s no beating around the bush! I’ve been meeting a lot of interesting people, but one question remains on the tip of their toungue at all times…  Read more