Here you'll find every past and present project that I've worked on. Some might no longer be running, but it allows you to take a look at the history of my work! My projects vary depending on my interests, so there should be something to amuse any like-minded person.

Boys' Dorm Project logo

The Boys’ Dorm Project

Out into the world

This one was more of a team effort. A group of friends and I fundraised together to build a dormitory inside a Ugandan school. This was closely linked to my FSMU website work - it’s the same charity! What made this different was that we built a boys dormitory in a girls school. While this may sound a buit counter-productive, we felt it was necessary; there are some boys at the school, if not many. This is because some are children of the teachers who also live within the school grounds, or orphans that overflowing orphanages can’t provide for. Take a look

Website screenshot

Eelviny Website

You’re looking right at it

This website is a project in itself! This is my attempt to take the latest in web technologies and combine them to create the lightest, fastest website I can while still adapting perfectly for any screen size. This extends to what goes on under the hood as well; the website is entirely static and generated on my PC, so web hosting costs literally pennies per month. HTTPS is mandatory, and fully supported. What’s more, the website is entirely open source, so if you decide to help my website for some reason, you can over on Github. It’s more so you can use it as example, but you never know. Take a look

FSMU website screenshot

Friends of St Michaels Uganda

Ugandan charity

When I approached a charity and asked them to let me loose on their website, I’m surprised they said yes. But in an internet-centric world, even a charity needs to keep up with the times, and the result is their brand new website. Built on Foundation and run on Wordpress, this website allows for easy management by those less technically-minded, and is image-centric, right from the front page. I’m a member of the charity myself, you’ll find the projects I run on this website too. Take a look

JustGame logos


The first of many

Those were the days. The idea was to provide a set of simple game servers, focused simply on enhancing the game so as to make a massively multiplayer environment feasible. The first iteration, JustSurvival, focused on bringing this to Minecraft. JustGame focused on taking this idea and tying multiple indie games together into a massive community, 2000 members strong. Not all good things last forever - I started this business in 2013, then shut it down in 2015 to focus on education.

NXT-Python logo


A new brain for an old toy

I’ve owned a Mindstorms NXT kit for a long time, and it surprised me how well it is has held up over the years. The limiting factor these days has to be the processing power of the brain of the unit, and this is where NXT-Python comes in. Using the communications protocol of the NXT brick, the computer becomes the ‘brain’ of the NXT, taking measurements from the sensors and relaying information back on how to move the motors. The bit in the middle is up to you - your limit is the power of your computer! Take a look

Old website screenshot

Old Eelviny

Obsoleted but still alive

The website you’re currently on is version 2, but that doesn’t mean my first working version isn’t still up for show! It uses a variety of different techniques compared to this site, with a very different aim - the site came about from the capabilities of Tumblr. At the time the convenience and price (free!) of Tumblr made it very easy to build a whole website from scratch, letting Tumblr do the heavy lifting in terms of content and serving the pages. Take a look

Six Ideas

Six Ideas Publication

Keep it cost effective

My latest creation - Six Ideas approached me, looking a for a simple and cost effective way of displaying a publication on the internet. What’s simpler than a static website and an external form API to collect people’s details? This required a lot of back and forth to match the company’s design specifications, but I’m happy with the result. Take a look